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UK Groceries Delivered to Portugal
Groceries Delivered to Portugal

Groceries and pet food delivered to Portugal for free on orders over £25. click on the images below to enter the store
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Large Supermarkets, Hypermarkets & Wholesalers
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Continente Supermarket

Location: Coimbra
Ground floor of Coimbra shopping centre
SatNav:   40°11'38.45"N     8°24'31.37"W

Ground floor of Forum shopping centre
SatNav:   40°12'40.66"N     8°26'35.79"W

SatNav:   40° 7'0.46"N     8°14'19.77"W

Jumbo Supermarket

Location: Coimbra
Ground floor of the Doce Vita shopping centre
SatNav:   40°12'16.27"N     8°24'23.94"W

Coimbra - head towards Coimbra B railway station
SatNav:   40°13'39.21"N     8°26'18.10"W

SatNav:   40° 6'36.21"N     8°30'28.48"W

Lousã - next door to the chinese restaurant
SatNav:   40° 7'9.20"N     8°14'58.49"W

Pombal - just past the GNR
SatNav:   39°54'59.47"N     8°37'20.70"W


Lisbon, Alfragide
Porto, Matosinhos
Leroy Merlin

Coimbra, Vale das Flores
SatNav: 40°11'40.02"N    8°24'16.08"W

Coimbra, North retail park
SatNav:   40°14'39.90"N     8°25'56.38"W
Mini Preço (Dia)

Coimbra, Taveira - Park Mondego
SatNav:   40°11'27.34"N     8°30'34.76"W

Figueiró dos Vinhos (next to the football stadium)
SatNav:   39°53'45.65"N     8°17'3.39"W


SatNav:   39°54'42.14"N     8°26'26.11"W

SatNav:   40° 7'22.35"N     8°30'12.16"W

Figueiró dos Vinhos
SatNav:   39°54'21.21"N     8°16'52.30"W

SatNav:   40° 6'53.37"N     8°14'44.39"W

Miranda do Corvo
SatNav:   40° 5'7.74"N     8°19'22.92"W

SatNav:   39°55'11.35"N     8°37'47.42"W

SatNav:   39°48'43.83"N     8° 6'29.46"W

Pingo Doce

Pombal (next door to the GNR)
SatNav:   39°54'57.81"N     8°37'8.48"W

Pombal in the basement of Pombal Shopping Centre
SatNav:   39°55'0.64"N     8°37'39.56"W

SatNav:   39°47'55.11"N     8° 5'44.46"W

Brand Named Products
Unlike the Algarve, central Portugal doesn't have an "English" shop on every street corner. But that doesn't mean you can't buy your favorite brands or similar local products here, you just need to know where to shop
Looks and tastes just like english streaky
Available in Intermarché, Jumbo, Continente, Mini Preço
These chipolata style sausages with herbs are a great substitute for the ´british banger´
Available in Jumbo, Continente, Lidl
Baked Beans
Both Heinz and HP brands available in most high street supermarkets but come at a premium, approx €1.20 a tin
Tea Bags
If you like weak tea Lidl´s home brand ´Ceylon Assam´ is perfect, approx €1.20 for 40 bags. If you prefer a nice strong cup, PG Tips are available in Jumbo, Continente and Intermarché but at a premium, approx €3.60 for 40 bags. Dia Ceylon Tea bags from Mini Preço, 50 bags for 99 cents.
Breakfast Cereals
Many popular brands available in all large supermarkets, Weetabix, All Bran, Cherios, Golden Grahams, Special-K and Nesquik cereals to name but a few, approx €2.50 a box
Custard Powder
Ramazzotti custard powder 500g box, mix with hot milk a little sugar and some cream, tastes just like Birds. Available in all high street supermarkets
Nescafe Instant Coffee
Available in all high street supermarkets
Heinz Salad Cream
Available in all high street supermarkets
Lee & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
Available in all large supermarkets. Portuguese alternative ´Molho Inglês´ not quite Lea & Perrins but a good substitute and available in all high street shops.
Heinz Tomato Sauce
Available in all high street supermarketss
Many well known brands available in all large supermarkets, Johnsons baby products, Dove showergel, deodorant, body lotion etc, Pantene hair care products, Aquafresh & Colgate toothpaste, the list is endless.
Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup
Available in Continente, Intermarché
DIY Stores
Leroy Merlin
One of europes largest DIY stores, Leroy Merlin provide self-service and sales assisted services. Its business is centered around six main sectors: DIY, building, gardening, sanitary equipment, renewable energy and interior decoration.

Vale das Flores, Coimbra
On the old Macros site near Coimbra Shopping Centre
SatNav: 40°11'40.02"N    8°24'16.08"W

Website: www.leroymerlin.pt

Scandinavian modern style furniture and accessories. IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at low prices.

Alfragide in Lisbon
Matosinhos in Porto

Website: www.ikea.com

Eduardo Luis Simões Lda
Small independent DIY store supplying sand, cement, balast, block & beams, tiles, bathroom suites, plumbing, paint, electricals, floor and wall tiles and garden pots

Industrial Park just off the IC8, Pedrógão Grande
SatNav: 39°55'21.11"N     8° 9'11.91"W

Bricomarché is part of the retail group Les Mousquetaires. Bricomarché is a DIY store supplying power tools, wood, bathroom suites, sinks, showers, paint, electricals, lighting, plumbing, soft furnishings and garden products. Similar to the UK B&Q but on a smaller scale.

Pombal (opposite Intermerché)
SatNav: 39°55'16.18"N     8°37'47.80"W

Website: www.mousquetaires.com

Shopping Centres
Dolce Vita Shopping Centre
Designed as part of the modernization of the city´s soccer stadium, the Dolce Vita Coimbra Shopping Centre was developed underneath the stadium seating. Its four floors of shopping are all below ground, with natural light, a play of colors through its glass facade and eye-catching steelwork.

It has 115 shops, including Aki, Sportzone, Worten, Zara and Jumbo hypermarket. There is a 10-screen Lusomundo cinema and food court spanning the entire top floor.

Supported by 5 car parks offering 2,700 underground spaces.

Location: Centre of Coimbra underneath the football stadium.

Forum Shopping Centre
Forum shopping centre is located on the east slope of the Planalto de Santa Clara, site of a former textile factory commanding magnificent hill-top views over the River Mondego, the city of Coimbra and beyond.

It has 146 shops, including some brands new to Coimbra such as FNAC and H&M and large shopping and leisure facilities such as a Continente hypermarket (18,000 m²), Zara, C&A, Rádio Popular, Norauto a 6-screen Lusomundo cinema (with 1,500 seats) and ten pin bowling.

There are 28 food outlets offering a wide range of international and traditional Portugues food, with a shared seating area (700 seats) and terraces overlooking the river and the city. Supported by 6 car parks offering 2,550 underground and 330 open air parking spaces.

Location: East Coimbra overlooking the river

Parque Mondego, Taveira, Coimbra
Parque Modego is a small retail park located in Taveira on the outskirts of Coimbra. It has ample free parking, restaurants and the following shops:

Household items, pots, pans, storage containers, electrical goods, garden furniture etc

Mother and baby store, cots, prams etc

Sports equipment and clothing, fishing, diving, football, bicycles and bike accessories, tents, camping equipment, canoeing and kayaking

Mini Preço
Medium sized supermarket, good quality butchers instore, good discounts for Mini Preço card holders

Rádio Popular
Large electrical store, fridge, freezer, washing machine, gas and electric hobs, ovens and free standing cookers, tv's, dvd players etc

Large clothing store also selling shoes, bedding, curtains and small household items such as pots, pans, storage containers, china and cutlery

Casa das Peles
Leather goods, furniture, clothes, bags etc

Office Pak
Office stationery, file, folders, paper, note books etc

Eye tests and glasses

Location: Estrada Condeixa Taveiro, Taveiro, Coimbra 3045-478

Coimbra Parque, North Coimbra
Located 5km from Coimbra city centre next to Modelo Supermarket. There are 14 stores including IZI, Worten and San Luis Electrical, 2 cafe bars and free parking for up to 560 cars.

Location:  North Coimbra heading towards the Coimbra B railway station and then follow the signs to Eiras

Garden Centres
Medium sized garden centre, good stock of plants, pots, garden furniture, household items and BBQ's, good prices

Location: Avelar just off the IC8

Large well stocked garden centre, near Pombal, abit expensive but lots of choice

Location: near Pombal on the IC2 heading towards Leiria

Small independent garden centre, good stock of indoor and outdoor plants, excellent prices

Location: just off the IC8 at Sertã junction

Medium sized well stocked garden centre, plants, pots, furniture and BBQ's

Location: just off the Lousã bypass near Lidl

Local Market Days
Most towns hold a weekly market selling a range of products such as fruit and veg, fish, meat, plants, trees and shrubs, garden tools and household items. Below are our local markets and when they are held.
2nd Sunday of each month
Saturday, large market
Castanheira de Pera
Saturday, small market
Tuesday and Friday
Figueiró dos Vinhos
Saturday, large under cover market
Tuesday and Saturday, large market
Miranda do Corvo
Wednesday, large market
Pedrógão Grande
Thursday, large market
1st Sunday of the month, large market
Thursday, large market
Vila Nova de Poiares
Portuguese Residency
Five year temporary residency certificates can now be obtained from your local Câmara Municipal. Passport and fiscal number are all thats required. On completion of a short questionaire a Certificado de registo de Cidadão da União Europeia is issued.

Once temporary 5 year residency has been obtained you are required to register your UK driving license, this can be done at the IMTT Office in Coimbra.

Radio Stations
87.9 FM
Antenna 1 - Lots of talking
89.3 FM
Antenna 2 - Classical music
102.2 FM
Antenna 3 - Broad spectrum music
90.75 FM
Commercial - Broad spectrum music
106 FM
RR - Golden oldies
107.4 FM
TSF - Broad spectrum music
61.65 FM
RFM - 60s, 70s and 80s
105.5 FM
Good Morning Portugal (Saturday mornings)
Broadband ADSL Internet
Clara ADSL
Independent ISP   claranet.pt
Satellite Internet
Independent ISP   Satellite ADSL
Free Internet Cafe - Espaço Internet
Castanheira de Pera
Largo Dr. Manuel Diniz Henriques, 22 (Casa Pimentel)
3280-021 Castanheira de Pera
Tel: 236 432 800

Opening Hours:
Monday: 10am-12pm and 3pm-8pm
Tuesday and Friday: 10am-12pm and 3pm-8pm
Saturday: 1pm-8pm

Free Wireless Internet Hot Spots
Castanheira de Pera - 6 hot spots
  • Casa Pimentel
  • Câmara Municipal
  • Centro de Saúde
  • Santa Casa da Misericórdia
  • Junta de Freguesia
  • Igreja
UK to European Clothing Size Conversion
Womens Clothing
Bra Sizes
Shoe Sizes
Mens Waist
Mens Collar Sizes
The above are a guide only, sizes can vary depending on manufacturer
Vet Services
Zoosaude (Penela)
Dra. Paulo Sousa
Nextdoor to the Galp station

Tel: 239 561 385
M: 967 681 701
M: 963 063 039 (emergencies)

Zoosaude (Castanheira de Pera)
Dra. Paulo Sousa
Opposite Esplanada Cafe
Castenheira de Pera

Tel: 239 561 385
M: 967 681 701
M: 963 063 039 (emergencies)

Hospital Veterinário de Baixo Vouga
E.N.1 No 335
3750-742 Segadães

Tel: 234 646 811
GPS: 40.602 -8.464

Tuffy Vet Services
Dra. Karen Isensee
6100 Sertãa

Tel: 966 457 103

Fishing Licences
A fishing licence (licença) is needed to fish in Portugal.

A sports fishing licence (Licença de Pesca Desportiva) is required for sea fishing and a licence for fishing in fresh water (Licença de Pesca Desportiva em Águas Interiores) is required for fishing in rivers and lakes. There are a number of different types of licence:

National License - Licença Nacional
Allows the holder to fish all over the country where fishing is not restricted.
Regional License - Licença Regional
Allows the holder to fish either in the north, south or central Portugal.
Local License - Licença de Conselho
Allows fishing only in the rivers and lakes in a given local authority district.
Special License for Restricted Areas - Licença para Zona de Pesca Reservada
Allows fishing in protected or reserved zones at certain times of the year
Special License - Licença Especial
Allows fishing by foreigners without a Portuguese Residency Permit (Cartão de Residencia)
Children under the age of 14 years are not required to obtain a license when accompanied by an adult, provided the adult holds a valid licence.

Fishing licences can be purchased at the Autoridade Florestal Nacional (AFN). If you purchase your fishing licence in Lousã, it is issued the same day on presentation of a valid passport or identity document.

Fishing licences can also be purchased via Multi Bank machines:

  • Insert your bank card and enter your PIN as normal
  • Select Pagamentos e Outros Serviços
  • Select Estado e Sector Público
  • Select Pesca Lúdica
  • Select Pesca Águas Doces (for river fishing)
  • Select the type of license you require
    • Nacional
    • Regional Norte
    • Regional Centro
    • Regional Sul
  • Enter your Bilhete de Identidade or Passport Number
  • Enter your Número de Contribuinte
  • Check the license details on screen, confirm and wait for the license to print.

It's advised that you also keep a photocopy of your Multi Bank fishing license. Duplicates from the Multi Bank are available for 60 days only from the date of purchase.

Terrestrial and Satellite Television
Portuguese TV Channels
Portuguese terrestrial television has four free-to-air TV channels - RTP1, RTP2, SIC, and TVI.

RTP1 and RTP2 channels are public, belonging 100% to the Portuguese State. SIC and TVI are private channels.

RTP2 shows programmes of a higher cultural level and shows no adverts. The other 3 channels are very similar and consist of news, talk shows, films, sports, contests and musical shows. Advert breaks tend to be around 15 minutes in length.

To receive all 4 free-to-air terrestrial channels you will need two aerials.

TV Cabo - Satellite/Cable TV
TV Cabo Portugal, the cable/satellite operator is wholly owned by Portugal Telecom. In areas other than Lisbon and Porto TV Cabo is available via satellite only.

TV Cabo offers approximately 100 channels and are sold as monthly packages ranging from €14.99 upto around €30.00. Initial set up costs are around €250.00 which includes on-site installation and equipment. Visit TV Cabo Guia for details of channels and packages available.

Free to Air Satellite TV
Get UK TV channels for free with a free to air satellite dish and box system. There is a one off fee, no monthly bills.

These free to air systems can be purchased off the shelf at most DIY stores, but aligning the dish to the correct satellites can be very tricky without a sat meter, so would recommed that you have it properly installed*.

* For details of local installers please our visit local business page under
 Satellite TV

Meo - Satellite/Cable TV
Meo is the new subscription service provided by PT Comunicações. Piloted in Lisbon, Porto and Castelo Branco, Meo satellite service was launched nationwide in April 2008

Meo offers approximately 70 channels and are sold as monthly packages ranging from €9.77 upto around €29.65. Initial set up costs vary depending on equipment. Visit Meo for details of channels and packages available.

Soak Away Septic Tanks
Even the best septic tanks can get clogged or full of solids. To help keep your septic tank in good working order here are some do´s and don´ts:
Do Not
  • Use bleach or bleach based products in your toilet, it will kill your friendly bacteria
  • Allow grey water to enter the first chamber of your septic tank
  • Poor cooking oils, animals fats and dairy products into your toilet
  • Flush toilet paper or sanitary products
  • Use eco-friendly toilet cleaning products (Ecover is available in all large supermarkets)
  • Use eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products
  • Use recylced toilet paper
NIF Numbers (Número de Indentificação Fiscal)
To purchase property in Portugal you must apply for a NIF number (Número de Indentificação Fiscal) at the local tax office (finanças). Applications for a NIF number can be made by tourists or residents on presentation of a valid passport and payment of a small fee. A temporary number is issued immediately and your permanent Cartão de Contribuente follows in the post.

A NIF number is also required to open a portuguese bank account.

Please visit our Buying Process page for full details

Vehicle MOT Testing and Certificates
As in Britain, MOT testing is compulsory in Portugal for all vehicles over four years old. Cars aged 4-7 years must be tested every two years and thereafter every year. The test (Inspecção Periódica Obrigatória - IPO) must be carried out at an approved garage. The garage is required to request the vehicle´s ownership document (Titulo de Registo de Propriedade), its logbook (Livrete) (or the recently introduced Certificado de Matrícula) and the owner´s taxpayer´s identification card (Número de Indentificação Fiscal) before carrying out the test.

A stamp confirming that the vehicle has undergone (and passed) the test is issued. This should be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the vehicle´s windscreen.

If your vehicle fails the MOT inspection a temporary certificate may be issued. Passengers are not permitted while the car is covered by a temporary MOT.

Source of information: Consular Section, British Embassy, Lisbon

UK Passport Renewals in Portugal
You can download a passport application form at: https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports

Passport applications should be sent to:

Identity and Passport Service
Ground Floor
Law Society House
90-106 Victoria Street
United Kingdom

Source of information: British Embassy

Location: Castanhiera de Pera

Pedro Kalidas

Telephone: 236 432 157

Mobile: 938 455 098

Portugal Health Service
Visitors & Holiday Makers
As a visitor or holiday maker in Portugal you are entitled to free emergency treatment on production of your UK passport. Generally a small registration fee will be charged ranging €2.50 to €10 euros.

UK passport holders that are registered and have a Social security number can then register and their local Centro de Saúde (Health Centre) and sign-up with one of their Doctors. Once you have obtained a National Health Card (or evidence of application) you are free to use the health service.

English Newspapers in Portugal
Newspapers and News Sites in Portugal published in the English language:
The Portugal News
Weekly newspaper covering all the major news about Portugal in English. Also available online
Algarve Daily News
Online newspaper covering all the major news about Portugal in English.
Essential Portugal
Monthly lifestyle magazine - Travel, health, fashion, food, wine, property and more...
Get Real
Weekly newspaper also available online
Algarve Observer
English version of the Portuguese newspaper Observatório do Algarve. Also available online.
Banks in Portugal
Most banks in Portugal have ATM machines (multibanco) if you are using a UK debit card most machines will automatically display the on screen instructions in English but you will have limited functionality.

Below is a list of the major banks and the local towns in which you will find a branch (sucursal).

Banco Espírito Santo (BES)
Figueiró dos Vinhos
Millennium BCP
Castanheira de Pera
Caixa Geral de Depositos
Castanheira de Pera
Credito Agricola
Castanheira de Pera
Banco Português de Investimento SA (BPI)
Santander Totta
Useful Bank Term Translations
Bank balance - Saldo da conta
Withdrawal - Levantamento
To withdraw money - Levantar dinheiro
To deposit money - Depositar dinheiro
Cards - Cartões
To check a balance/movement - Consultar saldo/movimento
ATM Balance slip - Talão
Savings account - Conta da poupança
Current account - Conta à ordem
Interest - Juros
Branch - Sucursal
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Living in Portugal


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