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Typical portuguese menu
Transalation of the most common menu items (ementa), Soup, Fish, Meat, Desserts and Snacks in Portuguese and English

    Portuguese menu items - Ementa
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Bacalhau com Natas
Soaked salted cod with potato and cream, can be likened to a fishermans pie
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Bacalhau à Lagareiro
Soaked salted cod with potatos, fried onions and olive oil
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Salmão Grelhada
Grilled Salmon, served with boiled potatoes and vegetables, or rice, salad and chips
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Caril de Gambas
Prawn Curry with rice (some restaurants serve the prawns in their shells)
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    Portuguese menu items - Ementa
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Caldo Verde
Green cabbage shredded in very thin strings and cooked in a light stock of potatoes and olive oil, spiced with a few slices of Portuguese pork sausage (chouriço)
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Sopa de Peixe
Chunks of fish cooked in a light stock of potatoes, onion, tomato and olive oil spiced with coriander
Vegetable Soup
  Portuguese menu items - Ementa
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Beef, pork or veal steak grilled, with a fried egg, chips, rice and salad (pronounced bee-tock)
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Lombo do Porco
Slices of pork loin roasted with pimenta doce, garlic and olive oil
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Entremeada Grelhada
Grilled belly pork (pronounced entre-me-ahda)
Carne de Porco Alentejana
Pork and clams cooked with pimenta, garlic, white wine, onions, tomato, basil and olive oil
Grelhada Mista
Grilled mixed meats, pork steak, beef steak, belly pork, sausage, pork chops, lamb chops
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Roasted suckling pig
BBQ meats on a skewer
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Pork (porco) or Lamb (borrego) chops, usually served with rice, chips and salad.
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Bife Grelhado
Pork or beef steak, usually served with rice, chips and salad.
    Portuguese menu items - Ementa
Arroz Doce
Cold rice pudding
Bolo de Chocolate
Chocolate cake
Bolo de Bolacha
Cookie cake
Tarte de Maçã
Apple tarte
Tarte de Amêndoa
Almond tarte
Tarte de Côco
Coconut tarte
Pudim de ovos
Can be likened to creme caramel
Pastel de Nata
Small custard tart (nothing like the english egg custard tart)
    Portuguese menu items - Ementa
Omeleta Simples
Plain omelette
Omeleta Mista
Ham and cheese omelette
Tosta Mista
Ham and cheese toasted sandwich
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