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Castanheira de Pera
Praia das Rocas
Praia das Rocas is a large open air swimming pool/leisure complex with wave machine fed by the warm waters of the Ribeira de Pera.

Located in the centre of Castanheira de Pera town, there is ample free parking spaces and a great day out, well worth a visit.

Opening Times
Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 7pm
Closed on Mondays


Poço Corga Praia Fluvial
A natural fresh water river beach a few minutes drive from Castanheira de Pera town in the village Poço Corga.

With ample shaded areas to sit and open spots to sunbath and a restuarant/cafe bar within walking distance, Poço Corga is a great place for a day out.

Open all year round


Capela Santo António da Neve
A small chapel over 200 hundred years old sits at the top of Santo António da Neve in the mountain range of Lousã.

Take the mountain road from Castanheira de Pera to Lousã and follow the signs to Capela e Poços. In 1954 the chapel was acquired by the council of Castanheira de Pera and in 1986 was classified a listed building.


Os Poços, Santo António da Neve
Beside the Capela de Santo António da Neve stand 3 stone houses (poços) used many years ago to store ice.

The ice was taken by donkey and cart, transferred to boats which then sailed down river to Lisbon where the ice was delivered to the King.

Take the mountain road from Castanheira de Pera to Lousã and follow the signs to Capela e Poços.


Figueiró dos Vinhos
Foz de Alge
Foz de Alge, a natural fresh water lake, used locally for fishing, swimming, sailing or just relaxing and soaking up the sun shine.

Take a picnic or eat out at two local restaurant/cafe bars.

From Figueiró dos Vinhos town center take Avenue Herois do Ultramar and follow the signs for Foz de Alge

View Foz de Alge in google maps

Foz de Alge, Figueiro dos Vinhos

Ana Aldeia de Aviz Praia Fluvial
Ana Aldeia de Aviz praia fluvial located just off the IC8 at Figueiró dos Vinhos.

During the summer months various activities are held such as aquatic games, gimnastics, rafting and treasure hunts.

There is an onsite restaurant and cafe bar selling snacks and drinks.

View Ana Aldeia de Aviz Praia Fluvial in google maps

Ana Aldeia de Aviz Praia Fluvial

Pedrógão Grande
Barragem do Cabril
Barragem do Cabril, a lagoon, used locally for fishing, swimming, scuba diving or just relaxing and soaking up the sun.

The Barragem doCabril was constructed in 1954 in the Rio Zêzere and forms a lagoon area (albufeira) of 55km.

The lagoon is bordered by pine and eucalyptus trees and the dam provides domestic electricity.

View Barragem Cabril, Pedrógão Grande in google maps

Barragem Cabril, Pedrógão Grande

Albufeira da Bouça
Albufeira da Bouça is a 2nd lagoon down stream from the Barragem Cabril.

The lagoon covers an area of 500 hectares and has an average depth of 20 metres. Albufeira da Bouça was constructed for the production of electricity but has attracted water sports such as fishing and canoeing.

View Albufeira da Bouça in google maps

Albufeira da Bouça, Pedrógão Grande

Açude de Mega
Açude de Mega is a small Praia Fluvial (inland river beach) located in the village Mega Fundeira.

Although much smaller than most Praia Fluvials Açude de Mega is known for its crystal clear waters and secluded location.

View Açude de Mega Praia Fluvial in google maps

Açude de Mega, Pedrógão Grande

Mosteiro Praia Fluvial
Mosteiro Praia Fluvial, a natural fresh water river beach in the centre of Mosteiro town.

Shaded free parking areas, lots of large open spaces for sunbathing, cafe bar/restuarant onsite for snacks and lunch menu.

View Mosteiro Praia Fluvial in google maps

Mosteiro Praia Fluvial, Pedrógão Grande

Louçainha Praia Fluvial
Louçainha Praia Fluvial, a natural fresh water river beach on the mountain road from Campelo to Lousa.

Shaded free parking areas, lots of large open spaces for sunbathing, cafe bar/restuarant onsite for snacks and lunch menu.

View Louçainha Praia Fluvial in google maps

Louçainha Praia Fluvial

Arouce Castle
Arouce Castle and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Piedade.

Lousã castle is situated high on the mountain road between Lousã and Castanheira de Pêra. The castle is only a few kilometers from the centre of Lousã town.

Beneath the castle is a natural spring swimming area with picnic tables and plenty of shade under the pine and oak trees. There is also a restaurant 'Burgos'.

View Arouce Castle, Lousã in google maps

Louçainha Praia Fluvial

Góis Praia Fluvial
Góis is a beautiful old town with cobble streets about 30 minutes drive east of Lousã.

A river runs through the centre of the town perfect for a relaxing stroll.

There are plenty of shops, bars and restuarants, and a praia fluvial, well worth a visit.

View Góis Praia Fluvial in google maps

Góis Praia Fluvial

Figueira da Foz
Figueira da Foz, Costa Prata
Figuiera da Foz is our nearest large coastal resort and approximately 1 hours drive north west of Castanheira de Pera.

There are lots of hotels, restuarants, shops and a casino. The late night cabaret show at the casino (11-12pm, Wed-Sun) is recommended. A great place for a night out.

View Figueira da Foz in google maps

Figueira da Foz, Costa Prata

Serra da Estrela
Sabugueiro, Seia
Serra da Estrela (Star Mountains) are the highest in Portugal, with a summit of 1,993 meters (6,576 feet).

From Lousã take the N17 heading towards Oliveira do Hospital & Guarda, then follow the signs to Seia, once you reach Seia there are sign posts through the town up to the peaks. Visit the village of Sabugueiro, the highest village in portugal.

View Sabugueiro in google maps

Sabugueira, Seia

The village of Manteigas sits in a valley hidden in the Serra da Estrela mountain range.

The 30km drive down will take approximately 1 hour from Sabugueiro. The roads are good but very steep and winding.

View Manteigas in google maps


Ski Parque and Outdoor Persuits
Take the N232 from Manteigas, around 8km there is a sinthetic ski run and outdoor persuits park.

The park has facilities for touring caravans, and tents, there is a shop and cafe bar on site. Here you will find many outdoor sports including, archery, horse riding, canoeing, rock climbing, para gliding, hiking, fishing etc....

View Ski Parque and Outdoor Persuits in google maps

Ski Parque and Outdoor Persuits

Praia do Pedrógão
Praia do Pedrógão, Costa Prata
Praia do Pedrógão is a small coastal town west of Pombal with beautiful white sandy beaches.

There a small promanade with cafe bars and band stand.

Praia do Pedrógão is approximately 50 minutes drive from Castanheirad de Pera.

View Praia do Pedrógão in google maps

Praia do Pedrógão

Nazaré, Costa Prata
Nazaré is a lovely seaside town approximately 90 minutes drive south west of Castanheira de Pera and possibly the most famous fishhing town in Portugal.

Nazaré has lots of little side streets with shops and restaurants, a beautiful golden sandy beach where you can watch the locals drying their catch of the day. There is a fishing port at one end and monorail to the top of the cliffs at the other.

View Nazaré in google maps

Nazaré, Costa Prata

Peniche, Costa Prata
Peniche is a busy fishing town with a large harbour and some excellent seafood restaurants.

Just across the square from the harbour is a 16th century fortress, once used as a prison, but now home to a museum of local history. The museum tour takes approximately 1 hour, spanning 3 floors of the fortress, it's very interesting and worth a visit.

View Peniche Harbour in google maps

Peniche, Costa Prata

Templo de Diana
Believed to have been built in 100-200 AD this Roman temple is the centre piece of Évora and commonly called Diana Temple for the Roman goddess.

Templo de Diana is one of the most famous landmarks and a symbol of the Roman presence in Portugal.

Over the centuries it has been used as an armoury, a theatre and a slaughter house.

View Templo de Diana in google maps

Templo de Diana

Capela dos Ossos
Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) was built in the 16th century by monks who artfully lined the walls and pillars with skulls and other skeletal bones.

Although this sounds ghoulish, it is peaceful and warm inside the chapel.

Legend has it that the bones (approx 5,000) came from soldiers that died in battle, however it's more likely that they were taken from local cemeteries.

View Capela dos Ossos in google maps

Capela dos Ossos - Chapel of Bones

Praça do Giraldo
Évora's main square Praça do Giraldo once used as an execution ground during the inquisition is now filled with cafe bars and lined with shops.

The square is atmospheric and a wonderful place to just sit, relax and watch the world go by.

Santo Antão Church domintes one end of the square with a large fountain constructed in 1571.

View Praça do Giraldo in google maps

Capela dos Ossos - Chapel of Bones

Cromeleque dos Almendres
Cromeleque dos Almendres (Almendres Cromlech) megalithic complex located just outside the village of Guardalupe, Évora.

Constructed 4000 - 5000 BC, there were more than 100 stones but some have now been removed.

It is believed that the monument had religious purposes and functioned as a primitive astronomical observatory.

View Almendres Cromlech in google maps

Almendres Cromlech

Almendres Menir
Almendres Menhir, a single standing stone dated 4000 - 5000 BC.

Located 1 kilomoter from the megalithic complex Almendres Cromlech just outside the village of Guardalupe, Évora. Almendres Menhir is not as impresive as the megalithic complex but the short walk through fields of wild flowers and the views make it worth while.

View Almendres Menir in google maps

Almendres Cromlech

Praça da República
Elvas is one of europes most heavily fortified towns, sitting just 12km from the border of Spain.

Praça da República (República Square) has a Spanish feel to it, surrounded by white and yellow painted buildings. The perfect place to rest and have a coffee before exploring the walled city.

View Praça da República in google maps

República Square, Elvas

Largo Santa Clara
Largo Santa Clara is a triangle courtyard just off of República Square in Elvas.

In the centre sits a 16th century marble pillory with four hooks once used to shackle prisoners. The 10th century archway leads to the ruined castle.

View Largo Santa Clara in google maps

Largo Santa Clara, Elvas

Amoreira Aqueduct, Elvas
As you approach Elvas the first thing you see is the huge aqueduct which today still runs water into Misericordia fountain.

Aqueduto da Amoreira (Amoreira Aqueduct) was built between 1498 and 1622 on Roman foundations.

View Amoreira Aqueduct in google maps

Largo Santa Clara, Elvas

Coimbra City
Coimbra (pronounced queem-bra) is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1290 by King Dinis.

Coimbra is Portugals third largest city and sits on the edge of the River Mondego. In the old town narrow cobbled streets lead to hidden squares of cafe bars, shops and ancient churches.

View Coimbra in google maps


Conimbriga Roman Ruins
Conimbriga is home to the largest roman ruins in Portugal and a national monument.

Located 15km south west of Coimbra, the tour takes approximately 3 hours.

Opening Times
Every Day
Winter 10am-6pm
Summer 9am-8pm

View Conimbriga Roman Ruins in google maps


Batalha Monastery
The Batalha Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória dates back to 1386 and the Portuguese architect Afonso Domnigues.

Construction of the Batalha Monastery spanned 130 years from 1386 until circa 1517 and became the traditional burial place of kings that lasted until the reign of João II.

View Batalha Monastery in google maps

Batalha Monastery

Buçaco Palace
Buçaco Palace Hotel is located in the Buçaco National Park, 105 hectares of centuries old walled forest, planted by the order of the Barefoot Carmelites in the 17th century.

This famous botanical treasure includes specimens of rare and exotic plants collected from all over the world.

View Buçaco Palace in google maps

Batalha Monastery

Dornes is a small village that sits on a peninsular on the shores of the Castelo de Bode. The tiny village is home to a pentagonal Templar tower built by Gualdim Pais for defence and guaranteed safety for the people who explored the Zêzere for gold.

The tower is built out of local 'schist' and limestone

The village is a maze of narrow cobbled stone streets, there are a couple of cafe bars, a small hotel and a handful of shops. A beautiful little village and the views are stunning

View Dornes in google maps

Batalha Monastery

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